The Future of Society, AI, and Ethics: A Discussion with Nicolas Babin

Welcome to another episode of Influential Visions! In this episode, host Nathaniel Schooler sits down with Nicolas Babin, an expert in new technologies, specifically AI and technology disruption. Nicolas, who previously served as the head of Sony Europe for AI and robotics, shares his insights on the challenges of managing the future of society, AI, and ethics.

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The European Commission’s Efforts towards Regulation

One of the key topics discussed in this podcast episode is the European Commission’s work on an AI Act aimed at regulating AI technology. Nicolas highlights his involvement with the European Commission as an AI and disruptive tech consultant, as well as his role as an ambassador focusing on digital and AI-related matters.

During the conversation, the concept of social scoring, as practised in China, is mentioned as a concerning example of unethical AI implementation. Social scoring involves using AI to track and evaluate individuals based on their behaviour, which can impact their access to services and opportunities. The importance of ethical considerations in AI development is emphasized, especially with the rapid advancements in generative AI that can create content such as music, videos, and text.

The European Commission’s efforts to create an AI Act are seen as crucial for aligning with international standards and ensuring a balance between regulation and innovation. However, finding the right balance is a challenge, as overly strict regulations may discourage companies from investing in Europe. The ever-evolving nature of AI programs also necessitates ongoing monitoring and adaptation of regulations to keep pace with technological advancements.

AI Ethics, Bias, and Responsible Usage

The conversation delves into the concept of AI ethics and its connection to bias. The guests highlight that bias in AI systems is often unintentional, with programmers inadvertently introducing their own biases into the code. This highlights the need for regulations to address various ethical concerns, including the use of AI in social scoring.

Another important aspect discussed is copyright issues related to generative AI. As AI becomes more capable of generating original content, concerns arise regarding ownership and attribution. The potential risks and benefits associated with AI are also explored, with an emphasis on the need for awareness and understanding of AI’s challenges. Nicolas advocates for the ethical use of AI as a tool for good, while acknowledging the risks posed by scams, deepfakes, and cybersecurity.

Following guidelines and regulations is crucial to ensure responsible AI usage. The guest emphasizes the importance of balancing the potential risks and benefits while promoting ethical practices and regulations. They also highlight the cost-saving and customer service improvements that AI can bring to businesses, such as personalized services and the ability to analyze vast amounts of historical data.

The Advantages of Chat Bots in Customer Service

The podcast episode also explores the benefits of using chatbots for customer service. The host and guest agree that the advantages outweigh the risks. Chatbots enable faster scaling of customer service departments during a crisis, as they can be trained within a few hours. They provide quick access to information and improve overall efficiency, ultimately enhancing customer service experiences.

The guest encourages listeners to explore more interviews on this topic and concludes the episode with a request to share the episode and leave a review, highlighting the positive impact of chatbots on customer service.

In conclusion, this episode of Influential Visions offers valuable insights into the challenges of managing AI, ethics, and the future of society. The conversation emphasizes the importance of regulations to address ethical concerns, the need for responsible AI usage, and the advantages of chatbots in enhancing customer service experiences. Stay informed, stay ethical, and embrace the potential of AI!