AI Takeover: Michael Tobin OBE Reveals the Dark Side of Disruptive Tech

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We’re incredibly excited to bring to your screens an exclusive video interview with the audacious and visionary, Michael Tobin OBE. From leading the FTSE 250, to pioneering in tech entrepreneurship, to setting benchmarks in philanthropy, his journey is an epic tale of transformation.

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Joining him in this illuminating conversation is the brilliant Nat Schooler. Together, they’re set to unravel the mysteries of #ArtificialIntelligence, explore the game-changing power of disruptive technology, and delve into the crucial realm of ethics in our digitized world.

Struggling to stay ahead in this fast-paced tech era? This is your chance to learn from those who are shaping its future. Michael and Nat will not just dissect the trends, but also guide you on how to ride them towards your success.

From aspirants in tech and business to veterans looking for fresh insights, this conversation is a goldmine of wisdom. Expect robust discussions, cutting-edge perspectives, and powerful takeaways that could change the way you perceive technology and its potential.

Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into the minds of these industry mavericks! Tune in, get inspired, and take your understanding of technology and ethics to a whole new level. The future is here. Embrace it NOW!

The Current State of Technology: Navigating Through Uncertainty

Welcome to another episode of Influential Visions, where we delve into the world of technology and its impact on our lives. In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Michael Tobin OBE, a former FTSE 250 CEO turned tech entrepreneur and author of the book ‘A Perfect Storm: How to Thrive in an Uncertain and Ever-Changing World’.

The Hype and Reality of AI

One of the main topics of discussion in this podcast episode is the current hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and disruptive technologies. Tobin and our host, Nathaniel Schooler, shed light on the tendency to overestimate short-term adoption while underestimating long-term impact. Drawing parallels to the initial skepticism towards the internet, they emphasize that AI will eventually become pervasive in every industry.

However, the conversation also highlights the importance of ethical considerations when it comes to AI. Like any tool, AI can be used for good or bad, and it is crucial to navigate its implementation responsibly. The potential impact on employment is also discussed, emphasizing the need for individuals to upskill and adapt to the changing landscape.

The Ethical Implications of Driverless Cars

Another fascinating topic discussed in this episode is the ethical implications of driverless cars. While the adoption of this technology has been slower than anticipated, Tobin believes that it will become ubiquitous within the next 20 years. One advantage of AI in driverless cars is their ability to react instantly to potential accidents, unlike human drivers who may be distracted.

However, the decision-making process becomes challenging when faced with complex scenarios involving multiple potential victims. The podcast presents a thought-provoking scenario where two driverless cars are approaching each other, and an old man falls on one side of the road, while a young lady with twins is on the other side. The cars must decide which direction to swerve to avoid a collision, taking into account factors such as age, potential value to society, and the number of lives at stake.

The role of programming and AI learning in these decisions is also explored, highlighting the rapid accumulation of experiences and knowledge by AI. Ultimately, the ethical decisions made by AI in driverless cars will depend on the instructions given to them by humans.

Brainwave Technology in the Legal System

The podcast episode also touches on the potential impact of using brainwave technology in the legal system. The hosts express interest in the use of brainwave scanning for lie detector tests, suggesting that if these technologies were perfected, traditional roles such as judges, lawyers, and jurors may become unnecessary. The futuristic implications of this advancement are illustrated by referencing movies like RoboCop and Minority Report.

Midair Haptics: Feeling Touch in Virtual Reality

Another exciting technology discussed in this episode is midair haptics, which creates the sensation of touch in virtual reality. The speaker describes how this technology allows users to interact with virtual objects by feeling the tactile feedback in midair. The potential applications of this technology in learning and augmented reality are explored, highlighting the limitations of current virtual reality experiences.

Living in a Virtual World

The hosts also delve into the potential of living in a virtual world if jobs become scarce. They explore the idea of using virtual reality technology to have immersive experiences that rival real-life ones. Ethical questions surrounding the replacement of real-life experiences with virtual ones are discussed, along with the continuous advancement of technology and its impact on efficiency and consumption.

The Challenges of Globalization and Technology

The challenges posed by globalization and technology are also explored in this podcast episode. The host highlights the global nature of ownership and production, using the example of Arm, a British company now listed in the US. The discussion touches on the fear of unauthorized access or control through the use of Chinese chips, emphasizing the need to address the cause rather than treating the symptoms.

Strategies for Thriving in an Uncertain World

Our guest in this episode shares strategies for thriving in an uncertain and rapidly evolving world. They emphasize the importance of being honest with oneself and understanding the changes happening around us. Breaking down concerns into manageable chunks and utilizing technology and apps to navigate these issues are also suggested. Engaging in conversations and seeking advice from others, as well as overcoming pride and asking for help when needed, are encouraged.

Conquering Fear and Taking Action

Fear is another topic discussed in this podcast episode. The speaker emphasizes that fear is a useless emotion and advises taking action rather than being paralyzed by it. The importance of exploring all options to mitigate or remove fears is highlighted, along with the need to adapt to disruption and avoid panic. Seeking help from others with different experiences and perspectives is encouraged, and personal experiences of overcoming fear are shared.

The Power of Communication and Support

The podcast episode concludes with an emphasis on the importance of engaging with people and being open to conversation. The speaker cautions against unintentionally causing frustration and encourages reaching out to others, even when feeling stressed or upset. They highlight the potential solutions that others may hold and express appreciation for the wisdom shared throughout the episode.

We hope you enjoyed this insightful episode of Influential Visions. Don’t forget to explore other interviews and subscribe to our channel for more thought-provoking discussions on the ever-changing world of technology.

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