Benefits of 5G Technology; Use in Digital Transformation | Influential Visions Podcast

Joined by Nicolas Babin, Key Opinion Leader on Digital Transformation. The benefits of 5G technology are many and varied, but one area where it is particularly useful is in digital transformation. As Nicolas Babin explains, 5G can be used in a number of different ways to make the process of digital transformation more efficient and effective.

For example, 5G can be used for e-health applications such as telemedicine and remote operations. This can help to improve access to healthcare services and make them more affordable. In addition, 5G can also be used in agriculture to improve food availability. By using 5G to connect different parts of the food supply chain, it is possible to make the process of food production more efficient and reduce wastage. Finally, 5G can also be used in industrial applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT). By connecting devices and machines, 5G can help to improve productivity and efficiency in factories and other industrial settings. Consequently, the benefits of 5G technology are wide-ranging and significant, making it an essential tool for digital transformation.

We discussed:-
E-Health -Telemedicine and Remote Operations
Agriculture and Food Availability
5G and Industrial IoT (IIOT)