How To Figure Out What is Next (Even If You Don’t Know Where To Start)

We all struggle in our careers and in our lives at times, the struggle is there to teach us something, to help us to refocus and revitalise our energy levels…In Influential Visions Podcast Series 5, we have a number of useful interviews with people in technology. They might just have the answers you’re looking for – or at least, they can help point you in the right direction.

In life, we are faced with a series of decisions we have to make and if we make those decisions consciously we will have a better chance of achieving the vision for our life that we want. So tune in, and good luck on your journey to figuring out what’s next. Over the coming weeks, we will be interviewing some of the top people in the world who will share their expertise and experiences good and bad to help you remain hopeful no matter where you are in life.

The world is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up. You’re not alone if you’re feeling lost about what’s next for you. But there’s no need to panic. With a little bit of research and some self-reflection, you can figure out what’s next – even if you don’t know where to start.

In this introductory episode, Nathaniel Schooler interviewed Award Winning Speaker, Author, and Transformation Leader Kim-Adele Randall and they discuss how to figure out what is next.

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Technology is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. If you’re feeling lost about what’s next for you, check out this podcast series. The Influential Visions Series 5 features interviews with people in technology jobs. They might just have the answers you’re looking for – or they can help point you in the right direction.

Our second episode is with differently-abled Prathik Thamalla, who will be interviewing the CEO of Brim (Business resilience international management is rolling out cyber resilience centres in partnership with the UK government and all regional police forces) and we will also be joined by veteran cyber security expert David Clark. . Stay tuned for more information!

One place to begin is by exploring different jobs in technology. Technology is one of the most rapidly growing industries, and there are many different roles within it. By doing some research and learning about the different options available, you can start to narrow down your options and figure out what interests you.

There are several ways to learn about different jobs in technology. You can start by talking to people who work in the industry, reading articles or books about it, or attending events or conferences. Once you have a better understanding of the different options available, you can begin to make a plan for your next steps.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to take the first step. It may seem daunting initially, but remember that everyone has to start somewhere. Once you start, things will begin to fall into place – and before you know it.

Before starting your journey, getting in the right mindset is important. Remember that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Be positive, be curious, and most importantly, be patient. The journey may not be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.

We are all nervous, and we are excited at the same time; it is only natural, you got this!

So what are you waiting for?

You can learn more about designing your perfect day in this blog here:

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How To Figure Out What’s Next (Even If You Don’t Know Where To Start)

Nathaniel Schooler


I’m very excited actually

Nathaniel Schooler


about this series.

Nathaniel Schooler


I’ve got a friend in India called Prathik who is a hacker. He’s a penetration tester, an ethical hacker, and he’s differently-abled.

Nathaniel Schooler


but he uses a one-handed keyboard.

Nathaniel Schooler


And he’s actually one of the most positive keyboard that I have had the pleasure to, to speak with online. And he helped us with the international imposs syndrome awareness days.

Nathaniel Schooler


he really wants to return to the UK. So he said, he said, look, I really wanna go back to the UK

Nathaniel Schooler


And he was a bit depressed. And so we had a conversation and I said, I tell you what, why don’t you help me with this podcast?

Nathaniel Schooler


So we are gonna be launching this new series. It’s about jobs in technology in particular, and PR will be appearing as a guest host. And he’ll be interviewing the, the CEO of brim, which is the business resilience international management company. And they are rolling out cyber resilience centers within the UK in partnership with the government and all 43, really regional police, police forces and lots of small businesses and, and large businesses too. So we are really excited. I’m really excited. And you know, we’re gonna be covering gaming internet of things. I think blockchain, you know, all sorts of different things. We’ve got an episode coming up with sales and marketing jobs around that as well. I think jobs are changing according to MIT technology review. We’ve got this like massive productivity revolution that is basically happening for the people that are embracing it for the people that are not embracing it. I think it’s good to revisit. What’s actually going on in the world to be honest.

Kim-Adele Randall


It sounds like it’s gonna be a great series, cuz I think there’s so many things that are going on and people right now are really giving thought aren’t they to what next for them? And you know, today’s a great example. We are exiting the very end of the first six months of 2022. So now is a great time to have a look at, are you where you expected to be this year? Is this what you expected to be doing? And if not, what can you do differently now to ensure that you are doing what you want to be doing by the end of 2022?

Nathaniel Schooler


Very, very true. And you know, having a coach, having a mentor, having having the right business partners, friends, colleagues is is, is just so important. And I, I, I think, I think people actually underestimate the importance of that and also underestimate the importance of having a vision and a goal and a plan. And, you know, you’ve made me aware of the importance of these things, despite the fact that my dad was Britain’s leading business expert in the 1980s around corporate planning. And he, he shouted at me about having a plan and a 10 year plan. And I never listened to a word he said to be, to be, well, I listened, but I didn’t do anything. And I think there are many, many people who will listen to this and think, well, you know, I kind of have a plan, but actually everyone has a plan until they get, you know, I’m not gonna say it, but like kicked in the whatever.

Nathaniel Schooler


Disruption is everywhere in particular, in, in jobs, you know, and I know you’ve, you’ve run a recruitment company in the past as a, as a interim CEO I think, or chief op was it chief operations? I forget. So, you know, MD. Yeah. So you know, a lot about recruitment as well, managing teams of, you know, couple thousand people, two and a half thousand people, I think in one of your businesses that you work for.

Nathaniel Schooler


I’m really excited about the information that is gonna be downloaded from this, this sort of 10 to 15 part series, to be honest.

Kim-Adele Randall


Yeah know, it should be really good. And you’re so right about the importance of having a goal and having a defined and written down goal. They’re the most crucial thing.

Kim-Adele Randall


There was a study done by

Kim-Adele Randall


Harvard business school.

Kim-Adele Randall


And they identified that of, you know, a hundred percent of the people that they, that they interviewed that only 13% had actually got a goal, knew what it was that they wanted to do. And only 3% of them had got it written down with some kind of action plan, even if it was a terrible action plan.

Kim-Adele Randall


no chance of achieving the goal, but they had gone as far as writing it down and creating some steps that they thought that they could take to move them from where they are, to where they want to get. And when they came back and looked at those participants, 12 months later, the 3% had outperformed the next closest cohort, tenfold that just shows the power and the reason that it works it’s and it’s based on neuroscience.

Kim-Adele Randall


So it’s not just based on us thinking about it is the fact that actually our subconscious brain needs to know where we’re going. If we think about it like a GPS, if we don’t tell it where it’s go, it’s not gonna know what’s important to us. And we’re highly unlikely to get there. So we have to be able to say to it, this is where I’m going. This is what’s important to me, cuz what that allows your subconscious brain to do is to start looking for those opportunities. We’ve all had those moments. Haven’t we where maybe we are thinking about buying a car and all we can see everywhere we go is the car we want. It’s like all over the place. It’s not because there’s any more of them around. It’s not because there’s, you know, suddenly been an influx of, of people that suddenly want the same car as it it’s because our subconscious brain knows it’s important to us.

Kim-Adele Randall


It knows. It’s what we’re thinking about. And therefore actively looks for opportunities to give us what we want because that is scientifically proven how our brains work, what we think about we become. So if I can give anybody any advice, it is have that goal. I’m on the middle of a challenge, pushing myself to do things differently so that I can continue to grow. And one of those has been taking my own medicine, writing my goal down and then every day writing down the one or two things I can do today that are going to progress me towards my goal. And some of them have worked and some of them haven’t worked. Some of them have epic failures, but I look at those failures and go, okay, why didn’t it work?

Kim-Adele Randall


What was it? The whole thing that didn’t work or a little bit of it, is there something that I could do slightly differently? And I think if we can open our minds from judging to curiosity, so I’m dreadful for judging myself going that’s stupid and that’s definitely never gonna work to instead being curious. Okay. Why did I think that was gonna work? Why hadn’t I considered this potential outcome? What’s that making me feel? Because that’s what I do for other people. I use curiosity rather than judgment, but turning that in on yourself, it’s amazing what that does to change your psyche and how you show up in the world.

Nathaniel Schooler


I think working, working with you the last couple of years has been absolutely transformational in my vision for my life and the vision for our business and what we want to do. And, but something really profound happened last week. I dunno what you actually said to me now thinking about it, but you, so over the past few years I’ve been very, if a lot of things come to me, I’ll say yes to everything, right. And this I, I, I discovered, you know, last week was just a, I mean I knew it was a massive, massive

Nathaniel Schooler


You knew it was a massive, a massive challenge. And, but I never managed to tackle it. And, and, and you know, my late mentor, Mike Briercliffe, he used to say something like, you know, focus is about what you don’t do, right?

Nathaniel Schooler


And, but last week you said something to me that was absolutely profound. And it, and it changed the way that I kind of looked to everything. And now if something is gonna take too much of my bandwidth, too much of my resource, I’m gonna just say no. And, and I will say no, brutally, I’m afraid. And that’s, and that’s just the way that it is. And, and, and unfortunately, you know, but then there is also a natural development time. So if that thing is interesting and it looks like it can be beneficial to the business, we can always come back to it at a later stage, which I think is also equally important, you know? But, but when it comes to, you know, starting at the beginning, right? Like some people watching this, they may be refugees. They may be outta work. They may want to change jobs.

Nathaniel Schooler


They may want to become an entrepreneur, launch their own business, create some, some income. So they don’t have to work very hard. They, they may wanna become CEO in 10 years time. Right? So we, we cover the whole spectrum from, from people who are wanting career change through to people who are very, very experienced and maybe, maybe towards the end of their careers as well. So what would you say Kim, to, to yourself if you went back 20 years, what advice would you kind of give yourself? I know you asked this question to a lot of people, so I’m sorry to flip it on you. I know you’re gonna have a great answer for it. That’s why, that’s why I asked you to be fair.

Kim-Adele Randall


So my advice would be start with the end in mind. I got too hung up over the years, starting where I am and getting overwhelmed, cuz I couldn’t see how I’d get from where I am to where I really wanted to be. So instead I reduced my dream. I brought it into an area that I could control and could see that doesn’t work. You’ve gotta start with that. End in mind. The big audacious goal, the thing that you think could never, ever happen. We were talking about this last night when I, when I was on the show with Zandra and I said, you know, if you’d have told me 20 years ago, two years ago, two months ago that I would end up having a TV show, doing a collaboration with an international award winning TV channel, be writing my sixth book, be doing a Ted talk.

Kim-Adele Randall


I would’ve thought that you you’ve been at the, at the happy talking about that’s just never gonna happen. But actually what I start is go back and say, what would I really like to do? And what I really wanna be able to do is help others. And I wanna help as many others as I possibly can. So that means having to put yourself out there, having to do things like this, come out and, and say to people actually over the last 30 years, growing businesses, helping them to double insight, helping them to become more profitable, helping them to lead through challenging times without damaging their people has taught me quite a lot of stuff. It’s taught me things that are valuable to anybody else that is facing one of those challenges. But if I don’t tell anybody, then I can’t help anybody. And we’re living in a world where there is so much information.

Kim-Adele Randall


There is so much out there that we can consume. We haven’t got time to consume at all. And as I say to clients all of the time, it might only take you 10 minutes, but it’s taken you 30 years to be able to do it in 10 minutes. So don’t undervalue what it is that you do, because what you can say to me is here’s the book. You can read the whole book, if you want to, or I can tell you the main two or three takeaways, that the ones that are gonna be really impactful, the things that are going to make you think. And that’s one of the reasons why at the minute, I’m in the middle of my 30 day challenge on a quote in a question, cuz that’s how I’ve lived. My life for as long as I can remember is to start every day with what quote inspires me to have the right mindset today. And then what question does that make me think? What question is that going to get me to get my brain thinking? And sometimes those questions can be the thing that absolutely unlocks us. One question I often ask clients is what’s the question you wouldn’t like me to ask?

Kim-Adele Randall


Cause it’s because just in doing that, makes them think of the question. When they think of the question, they now need to start thinking of the answer. What they’ve done is they’ve actually encouraged their subconscious brain to start thinking about how to fix it. So never underestimate the power of questions. Always start with the end in sight and believe in yourself. Every single one of us has survived a hundred percent of the challenges life’s thrown us so far. That’s one heck of a batting average.

Nathaniel Schooler


Yeah, absolutely. You you’ve said that a lot actually over the past couple of years and it rings, it rings true, you know, and it’s, it’s, we’re, it’s such an interesting time in history right now. And you know, all we need really is, is the right directions to actually get to where we want to get to. And whether that’s, you know, with a coach who’s able to mentor you because they’ve actually been where you’ve been or they know about something, you know, say you wanna become a great CEO. How are you gonna become a great CEO in my opinion, without actually talking to someone that’s got specific knowledge in that area, you know? And I think the more specific you are with what you want, the better it is. And I know, you know, about this perfect day process that I, that I’ve been really into.

Nathaniel Schooler


Right. And, and I, I kind of, and that has become a yearly, almost biyearly process for me. So I write down my perfect day and I, and I’ve, I got that from Jonathan Chase

Nathaniel Schooler


Britains leading hypnotist

Nathaniel Schooler


I made it my own by like adding in some extra things from, from a couple books that I read. And, and I, I focus on the 90% of my life that I’m really, really happy with. And I, and I absolutely adore working with you and I’m, I’m loving, creating this series, interviewing some amazing people. And I know you’ll be involved with some of the episodes, but you are, you are running your own shows. Right. And, but this will be on, on Zondra TV as well, I think hopefully, and you know, on all the major channels as well. And yeah, thanks so much everyone for listening and thank you again, Kim, for being just epic. Yeah. And this is what people need a coach.