Secrets of Audience Research: Social Media SEO: Free Speech

I was joined by Rand Fishkin – the co-founder & CEO of SparkToro, author of Lost & Founder, and previously founder of Moz. We discussed social media SEO and all things free speech!

We discussed:
Freedom of speech
Bing and DuckDuckGo combine at 6% of the market share and the rest is Google.

Parler being Hacked and the situation that has been in the news about mobilising voters, should we be worried about them causing violence?

Amazon, Google, Facebook Apple banning people from platforms.

How social is not delivering the traffic promise?

We also discussed Social and Seo and the two together and the best ways to post on social media to maximise reach and clicks. If you would like to learn more about SEO and social here is another interview you will find helpful: Secrets of Audience Intelligence – Improving SEO Performance

It was a thoroughly enjoyable conversation and should be useful for anyone pondering these important topics.