Excited to dive into this conversation with Steven J Manning, who transformed a bankrupt marketing business into a Billion Dollar enterprise. Let’s talk about leveraging technology to excel. 

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Improving with technology is key at any career stage. Younger generations may be tech-savvy, but distractions abound. It’s about being in control of tech, not the other way around.

The growth of internet use among 50+ age group is remarkable.  Technology is for everyone, but understanding how, when, and why to use it is vital.

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Technology advancements drive creativity.  From scent strips to AI, tech innovations shape industries.  Data literacy and AI are reshaping the landscape.

Balancing technology with real-world interactions is crucial. Technology is an enabler, but human connection and communication remain paramount.

Technology can be a powerful tool when used mindfully.  Research set clear goals and avoid being overwhelmed by endless data.  Quality over quantity always wins. #TechWisdom

Personal relationships and independent thinking are irreplaceable. Technology can enhance, but the human element is essential for true success.

In a world of rapid technological advancement, choose wisely where to invest your time and energy. Embrace technology for growth but remember the value of human connection.

Success lies in leveraging technology while maintaining a human touch. Technology can enhance, but genuine connections and independent thinking set you apart.

Finding the right balance between technology and real-world interactions is key. Embrace tech for efficiency, but never underestimate the power of personal relationships and independent thought.

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