The Future of AI, AGI, ASI, ethics, love and singularity is not just a huge topic. It is one of the most important topics that we have to think about today.

As it has been throughout the history of mankind, just about all groundbreaking and transformative discoveries, inventions and scientific breakthroughs — perhaps with the exception of the wheel — certainly including electricity, telephones and the internet, were galloping way ahead of existing legal, social and ethical structures, and the understanding of the times.

As we said in last week’s blog we are really excited about it in case you didn’t notice!


In this insightful discussion, Steven J. Manning, a seasoned business expert (with over 47 Billion USD of commerce), and Ex-IBM Futurist Nathaniel Schooler delve into the captivating world of artificial intelligence (AI), its evolution, and the potential implications for the future of humanity.

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Steven J. Manning shares his personal journey with AI, recounting how he initially encountered it as a young professional, not fully recognizing its potential. He explains how the field of AI has evolved from big data/databases, analytics/data mining and predictive modelling to become the “biggest gorilla in the room,” with advancements that are “bigger, broader, exponentially complex, and frighteningly expedient.”


The conversation explores the concepts of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Superintelligence (ASI), which aim to create software with human-like intelligence and the ability to self-teach. While these advancements are exciting, Steven and Nathaniel discuss the potential risks and the importance of maintaining control over these powerful technologies.


The discussion delves into the ethical implications of AI, particularly the concern over the lack of compensation for artists whose work is used to train AI systems. The speakers also address the potential for AI to replace human jobs, leading to widespread unemployment and the need for a paradigm shift in how we approach the workforce. This is without a doubt a topic approached with genuine and well-founded apprehension and discussed in millions of households around the world.

We aim to devote an entire podcast to the latter. What to do to remain relevant in the workforce of the future.


The topic of the technological singularity is explored, with differing perspectives including that of a world-class professor whose competency is indeed AI. While some fear the machines taking over the world, the experts suggest that the singularity is more likely to be a segmented process, with AI excelling at specific tasks rather than a complete takeover. Manning & Schooler take to that concept with a sledge-hammer.


Steven shares a personal anecdote about his experience narrating his own audiobook, highlighting the importance of maintaining unique human attributes in the face of AI advancements. He emphasizes the need for “rebels” and “contrarians” who will hold onto the things that make us uniquely human, rather than succumbing to the convenience of fully automated solutions.


The conversation underscores the immense potential of AI, but also the critical need to navigate its ethical and societal implications with care. As the technological landscape continues to evolve, it will be essential to strike a balance between embracing AI’s capabilities and preserving the human elements that drive progress and innovation.

Manning & Schooler delve into the concept of hierarchies of machines and people, the necessary however peaceful coexistence of those driving progress within accepted ethical standards.

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Checkout the show notes below:

Summary: In this podcast episode, Nathaniel is joined by Steven J. Manning, a seasoned business professional with decades of experience. The discussion delves into the vast topic of artificial intelligence (AI), covering its history, segmentation, implications for the future, and ethical considerations. The conversation touches on AI’s impact on various industries, the evolution of AI tools, concerns about job displacement, and the potential for AI to revolutionize tasks like content creation and image generation.

Topics discussed:

Evolution of AI: The conversation explores the historical development of AI, its segmentation into different areas, and its significance in modern business and marketing.
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): The distinction between AI and AGI is examined, with a focus on the potential for self-teaching and human-like intelligence.
Ethics and AI: The discussion highlights the ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies, including concerns about job displacement, compensation for artists, and the impact on various professions.
Singularity: The concept of technological singularity is introduced, discussing the hypothetical future point where technological growth becomes uncontrollable and its consequences for human civilization.
Use of AI in different sectors: Examples are provided on AI applications in weather forecasting, image creation, content generation, and even in sports like tennis.
Future of AI: The conversation touches on the advancements in AI technology, the potential for AI to enhance productivity, and the need for a balanced approach to AI integration.

Key takeaways and lessons:

AI has a rich history and has evolved significantly over the years, impacting various industries and aspects of life.
The distinction between AI and AGI lies in the ability of AGI to mimic human-like intelligence and self-teach.
Ethical considerations surrounding AI, job displacement, compensation for artists, and the potential consequences of technological singularity are crucial topics that need attention.
AI tools have the potential to revolutionize tasks like content creation, image generation, and even weather forecasting.
The future of AI presents both opportunities and challenges, requiring a balanced approach to harness its potential while addressing ethical concerns and societal impacts.