Time to Pause!

What a crazy week it’s been, from recovering my motorcycle number plate from the Croatian traffic police station to BJJ last night. ALL things AI have paused momentarily…

But Why? Sometimes it is important for us to pause and reset and recover from the turmoil in the world and the stress in our lives, giving our bodies a chance to recover and our brains to reset.

So many people have now realised we are many years away from Artificial General Intelligence the hype seems to be dying down.

Many of the top corporations have been using AI for years.

Today is going to be different for me, I am taking the day off, and I am heading out to the beach for a swim…once I have finished the newsletter.

Lots of good things are happening right now which I will tell you about next week but for now, I leave you with an interview I did with Michael Tobin OBE a few years back, nothing has really changed, we all need balance in life, except perhaps the ability to get work done even faster.

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