How Technology is Transforming Complete Industries with Yael Tamar from SolidBlock

Those that aren’t geared up for change have failed and will continue fail. Technology is transforming industries and has transformed life on this planet since the first computer.

Look back to the industrial revolutions and how mass manufacturing and then technology transformed millions of lives. Now to life, in what some call industry 3.0 or now perhaps the new normal is in industry 4.0; whatever your preference this new world we face is now changing at unprecedented levels and there are innovations everywhere.

A friend of mine was talking to Mark Cuban the other day and he said there will be lots of large businesses created during this moment in history.

In the podcast below Yael Tamar from Solid Block and I discussed: –

Real Estate is Changing – Property Tech

Rethinking Hotels – Offices – Shops and other Bricks and Mortar Businesses

Crypto Assets – Innovative Uses Of Assets Using Blockchain (Tangibility)

Webinar Yael Mentioned a webinar about property blockchain and the link is below the podcast interview.

Webinar Yael Mentioned: –

The course landing page: –