Secrets From a Retired Head Hunter: Tips For Job Hunters

Tim Chase – Founder of TruChallenge and I discuss some important elements to landing that new job. He shares massive value from 15+ years in the recruitment industry and the tips for job hunters that he shares are extremely valuable.

We discussed:

How to work with recruiters?

How to land that interview?

How to find more meaning in life and careers?

What is the best way to work with a recruiter?

We discuss the challenges that people face with recruiters and how to overcome them, it is certainly not easy to get through the noise that a recruiter or human resources manager faces.

Of course right now things are tough for many people and getting to grips with your job search in a logical way makes a lot of sense and will eventually get you the results that you are after.

It is not easy to get beyond the pressure that one is facing so the tips for job hunters are invaluable. Taking the time to craft your CV or Resume for each job, understanding that applying for every job within one company is probably not a good idea. Considering the person who will see your CV will see that you have applied for every single post despite them not being relevant.

Being relevant when applying for jobs is one of the keys to success and Tim Chase shares such useful tips. Any job seeker will find this episode very valuable.

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